Inspiration Ventures

Our careers were built on building companies from the ground up. Great companies require dedicated people with a clear vision and the appropriate resources to meet market opportunity. From concept creation to market validation to venture funding - we've been there and we know what it takes.

Having made a living as entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of launching a successful new company. We add value to our portfolio companies by offering our experience as both founders and CEOs with respect to both operational and strategic corporate issues. Based on our experience of creating businesses to meet market demand, we have designed Inspirationís investment process and approach to serve entrepreneurs and work in ways that we had hoped for when we were in your shoes: non-judgmental, experienced, high integrity communication, feedback and advice.

Unlike other venture firms or angel investors, Inspiration structures seed investments in a way that minimizes risk for our limited partners and benefits founders by eliminating the typical conflict that exists between existing and follow-on investments. Our interests are completely aligned with yours — whether the next step is a follow-on venture investment or a company acquisition — your success is our success.

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